Vinyl-Cannibalism is an “addiction”. Neither will you be judged for Plush-Purging here. Show your undying love and devotion for your favourite designer vinyls and plushies, by (fake) EATING them, and we’ll showcase your narcissism here! As well look out for FOOD-themed or inspired collectibles or customs, for you to salivate over! Welcome to “I EAT TOYS”!

May 16, 2018

Dare You Take A Bite of AlieNut from Eddie Cheng x TOY GEN?

A new deceptively delectable collectible from Hong Kong-based toy-makers "Toy Gen 童真社", featuring the character toy designs of Eddie Cheng on "AlieNut" = An Alien disguised as/in a donut!

The design concept of "ALIENUT" comes from "an attractive donut". Designer Eddie Cheng also mentions; "The appearance of change is not only image, in fact, will there be alien creatures like it?"
(EDITED) STORY: "Alien-life plans to immigrate to Earth and (lives as) a parasite in a donut, (where) they can enter the human body (when being eaten). They want to control (the) opinionated earthly people. Where exactly does he come from? And how many people on earth have been controlled by them?"

Sized 100mm (approx. 4 inches) tall, this yummy-looking alien vinyl toy is priced at US$46.00 (price does not include shipping), with currently THREE editions produced: COLOR VERSION (30pcs only), BLACK VERSION TAIWAN EXCLUSIVE (15pcs) and GID/Glow-in-the-Dark (15pcs only). Look out for a PINK Version edition release in the future ... if humanity survives that ong! Who doesn't love eating "donuts"? LOL

Hey, I am "diabetic" and even I want to OWN all three editions LOL

Listed for purchase now online on is the COLOR VERSION, for your kind considerations :)

(EDITED) WHO-ARE: Toy Gen 童真社 is made up of two designers who lead the game, who are themselves players who collect toys of all types. After having enjoyed different designer toys, they felt it was better to think about designing something, and hence started the creation of their own brand.
"Each has its own favorite type of toy, and the design ideas will not be the same. Conceiving eccentric, interesting, cute and fantasy themes, like our Chinese brand name, we must also remember innocence. We hope that players will be satisfied with the quality of our products and that we want to do!" (CLICK HERE to find out more about "PassionBuddy" from Alvin Fung #onTOYSREVIL).
toygenhk Facebook
Instagram @toy_gen
Twitter @toygenhk
Online Shop

(Launched at Shanghai Toy Show)

Apr 22, 2018

SUSHI L.A Maguro and Ebi by Nakao Teppei x Sentinel

After action figure releases featuring multiple articulation in both 1/6th and 1/12th scales, Sentinel proudly introduces SUSHI L.A. - the first release in their new sofubi figure line!
PRESS: "This cute, deadly and delicious creature was born in a freak accident involving an experimental super-spicy wasabi sauce at a biker sushi bar in downtown Los Angeles.

Designed by Japanese illustrator Nakao Teppei and produced by Japanese toy maker Sentinel, SUSHI L.A. is Sushi meets Kaiju in a mouth-wateringly cute design."

PRESS CONTINUED: "At 11cm (4 1⁄2 inches) , Sushi L.A. is too big to fit in your mouth but looks great in hand. The figure utilizes clear milky white Japanese vinyl to give the shari (rice portion) a well defined texture while exuding a fresh and tasty look."

Like the images featured here today? Are they making your mouth water for these toy-goodness? Then be ready to get your servings soon, as Sushi L.A. will debut at Thailand Toy Expo 2018 (May 3-6) in both Maguro (Tuna) and Ebi (Shrimp) versions.

What is Sushi L.A.?: "Sushi L.A. was born from the bizarre chemical reaction of a normal piece of sushi with an experimental super-spicy wasabi sauce concocted by an insane cook at a biker sushi bar in downtown Los Angeles. The sushi quickly mutated it into a savage (but cute) kaiju which then wreaked havoc on the restaurant.

The creature itself is the shari (the rice portion of sushi) - it can change the neta (fish) on his back like a hermit crab can change its shell.

By spraying other regular pieces of sushi with its Wasabi Fluid, Sushi L.A. can transform them into fellow Sushi Kaiju. However please note that this fluid is incredibly dangerous to itself, even one tiny accidental drop on its own head will kill it (meaning Sushi L.A. will revert back into a normal piece of sushi and be quickly devoured by restaurant patrons).

It's other weakness is long walks! The rice that forms its legs comes off grain by grain with each step the little monster takes. Its estimated that Sushi L.A. can only walk 100 steps before its legs totally disintegrate and its reverts back to a standard piece of delicious sushi (and eaten by hungry bikers).

Height: 110mm
Weight: 240g (Roughly the weight of your favorite rice bowl) Birthplace: a biker sushi bar in downtown Los Angeles Weapon of Choice: Wasabi Fluid (very toxic and spicy)"
ABOUT Nakao Teppei: "A Japanese illustrator known for his unique style of art and look on the world. Famous for his work on cover arts of outdoor magazines and various adds. He has held many personal exhibits at galleries in Japan."
IG @nakao_teppei_illustration

ABOUT Sentinel: Sentinel is a Japan-based toy company that develops high end collectibles known for their incredible attention to detail and amazing level of articulation.

Sushi L.A. is just for play. Please don’t eat. © SUSHI L.A.

Mar 19, 2018

The Roman Banquet @ Woot Bear Gallery (Opens March 24th)

EVENT: "The Roman Banquet" (food-themed exhibition)
WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, March 24, 2018 (6-9pm) @ Woot Bear Gallery
Location: 1512 Haight Street, SF, CA 94117

PRESS: "We're throwing a feast and you're invited! Put on your best threads and join us for this fancy occasion. The artists will bring their best dishes to put on the menu. Come hungry!"

Big C
Christa Dippel
Eimi Takano
Eloise Kim
Ha-Anh Dinh
Heidi Kenney
Jerome Lu
Katie Fortune
Mariangela Tan
Matthew Perez
Rato Kim
Refreshment Toy
Rudy Ramirez
Scott Wilkowski
Victoria Rose
Zard Apuya

(Above: "Freckles" sofubi from Refreshment Toy
Below: Artwork by Ha-Anh Dinh)

Oct 18, 2017

"Rainbow Roll" Vinyl Toy by Camilla D’Errico x ToyQube Revealed at NYCC2017

Here’s a “closer” look at (an unpainted prototype of) the upcoming “RAINBOW ROLL” vinyl toy from Camilla D’Errico as produced by ToyQube, revealed at the recent New York Comic Con 2017 - based on Camilla’s painting of this adorable cutie, which you’d be hard-pressed (and “heartless”) to put into your mouth to devour, innit? Heh.

No product nor availability details revealed as yet, so stay tuned to Instagram @toyqube and @camilladerrico for updates!

Jan 5, 2017

Revving The Blog

Toy eats toy....I eat Toy!!!
i love icecream!

After literal YEARS of having THIS being a blog and “toy-movement” dedicated to showcase people pretending to eat their toys, no movement nor advancement whatsoever in this wannabe-trend meant to evoke narcissism and a commercial slant with promoting your own toy, by pretending to “eat” them - not many folks are biting (pardon the pun - #sorrynotsorry) … alas will be now be taken over by pictures of FOOD-RELATED TOYS! Or TOYS as FOOD! (See examples below this :p)

Contents here will most times be republished posts from my main-blog at TOYSREVIL, this blog shall from now on serve as a virtual ONLINE MENU of what yummy toys that can be had!


at the table
RED Jumping Brain pictures by Tomenosuke "SHIRAKO"

Aug 20, 2016

You can now post your toy-gorging pics on the #ieattoys Facebook Group!

Sep 2, 2007


snack-sized-Moles are tender-juicy. and no, they do not taste like "chicken" ... they taste like "moles" - taken raw, like fruits. great for appetizers and summer days.

[Crazy Label X Metin Seven's Marty Mole]